1. Introduction

Hey everyone!

Dillon here. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with my current project, cropnoire. If not, click the blue words or follow us on instagram at @wearecropnoire.

What we do is simple. We make the bitchiest black crop tops on the internet for confident young women aged 18-24.

As of my writing this, I’ve yet to launch on Shopify and I’ve yet to sell a shirt. However, I have started building an Instagram following, and gotten the beta-round of shirts produced and modeled. So I’ll be writing these first few posts retrospectively.

I’m starting this blog under the mindset that cropnoire is going to be a successful project, and with the intention of using this to help keep myself on track, getting real shit done and straying away from busy-work (right now, at this very moment, your logo isn’t that important. Do something else.) and hopefully helping someone start their own business as well.

This is a pretty real look into the world of fashion startups and lifestyle entrepreneurship ( a la 4HWW by Tim Ferriss.)

The goal with this project is simple. I want to earn (as in, all numbers aside, be able to pay myself) $5k/month. A good, hearty middle-class American salary of $60k/year before taxes. However, it’s important that we look at a few of the prerequisites of your mindset as we approach this:

  • I love the product that I sell, I have fun making it (and will continue to regardless of if this fails), and I love the attitude associated with it.
  • I’m not expecting to wake up a millionaire. The results I want to see could very well take years of work, and I’m willing to make time to work on this.
  • I’m setting this business up for automation already. I started this business to buy my freedom. Out of every $45 shirt we sell, about $20-25 goes to the automation process. If I need more money, I choose not to take on more work, but to sell at higher quantities.
  • Again, I LOVE THE PRODUCT I SELL. It’s with business as it is with art, sports, language learning, etc. You perform better and more often if you’re performing with passion. It’s that simple. Passion breeds persistence. Persistence breeds reward.

Now, with that in mind, let’s have a fun little venture into the world of the Fashion startup. A land full of thievery, copyright law, endless innovation with the rise of fast fashion, and big guys with big guns who aren’t afraid to kick your ass from one quarter of the world to the next in the name of the Almighty Dollar.


Los geht’s!








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